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With this program you can show the aura colors with the same precision like with an aura camera. The client puts his hand onto the aurabiosensor handplate and you can explore the world of aura colors immediately. At the same time you can make a printout in photo quality of the current aura status. You can get an text interpretation printout in different languages of the current aura colors. Display modes are portrait display, full body aura, display of the 7 chakras and chakra detail display.

WinAuraStar is very easy to use. Proceed like this:

1. Connect the handplate with the computer and start the program. Put the hand onto the biosensor.

2. The fascinating world of auras can be explored! The biosensor measures bio data and displays them as the aura image of your current status. The incoming data are read and are displayed. The data represents the emotional expression of your current status as an aura image on your computer.

Features of WinAuraStar:
  • Several display modes (normal aura display, 7 Chakras, full body aura display, chakra detail display)

  • Interpretation of the aura by a text printout which also includes color images of the different display modes. Text printouts with different text in up to 10 languages as English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Japanese, Chinese
  • Texts are changeable in length and content. Standard text printout has 30 pages interpretation text. You can have more or less text if you want. You can have only just a few pages of text printout. The texts can be adapted to your personal needs.
  • You can choose single pages of the text printout for printing. You can design the text printout graphics according to your individual wishes (title page, header graphic, last page with promotion content)

  • New functions: Five Elements bar graph, seven chakra bar graph, relaxation meter
  • Body-Soul-Spirit Meter
  • The program can be used with the classic aura camera 6000 as well as with the Winaura aurasensorbox.
  • Snapshots have the quality of aura photos! Brilliant photo printouts - you can import photos from your webcam or your digital camera into the program (automatic face detection and face centering)
  • Printouts and snapshots can be saved to the harddisk. You can then give them away on a USB memory device or print them later once again.
  • Export of text printouts as PDF-file
  • Adjustment of the colors according to your personal aura camera

You need the following preliminaries for running WinAuraStar:

1. WinAura HandSensor, Winaura Dongle and the software. These are included in the WinAuraStar package on delivery.

2. Computer: A Windows PC with Windows XP or WindowsVista. The PC should have 3 USB ports (printer, USB dongle, connection for the handplate). Alternatively you can also work with a USB hub.

3. USB to Serial converter: If your computer has no serial port you will need a USB serial converter for the connection of the handplate. We recommend USB serial converter from Sealevel SeaLINK +232 p/n: 2105. (dealer address for Europe click here). If you have no computer you can also order a laptop with a preinstalled Winaura from us. Please ask for extra prices.

4. Video web camera WinAura is compatible with all USB web cams. A black background is recommendable for the aura display so that the aura colors come out clearly visible. Avoid the cheapest web cameras because their quality is often poor. The camera should have a resolution of 640 x 400 pixels.

5. Printer: For best results we recommend printer from Epson, Canon or HP. But you can also use other printers. Avoid the cheapest models. Better printers have a higher dot-per-inch (dpi) resolution which improves the quality of snapshot printouts. A digital photo printe like e.g. Canon Selphy produces brilliant snapshots.

6. Additional equipment: It can be recommendable to have additional equipment like black sheets or extra lighting. Here you can find a summary of additional equipment.

WinAuraStar can produce aura photos in the quality of aura cameras.

Please contact us to get further information.

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