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WinAura is a Windows program that shows the colors of an Aura around a person while they are in motion. The person places their hand on the aura sensor bio hand plate and immediately the world of aura colors can be explored. Winaura can generate a printout of the state of being with an analysis of the seen aura colours in a variety of languages. Display modes: Portrait, Whole body aura with seven chakras and upper half of the body, full body aura with Winstar view.

WinAura is incredibly easy to use. All you need to do is:

1. Sit in front of the video camera:

2. Start the program and place your hand on the Biosensor handplate.

3. And that's it! The Biosensor handplate measures your electrodermal temperature and heart energy. The data is then processed and displayed as emotional responses as well as your state of being. The image that appears on the screen is a representation of your Aura. It changes in relation to emotional, mental or physical fluctuations occurring within the person.

Features of Winaura:
  • Various display modes (normal aura display in portrait mode, 7 chakras, full body aura display)
  • Interpretation of the aura by text printout. The printout includes the aura color picture of the screen. Text printouts can be in several languages like English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Russian, Japanese
  • Texts are changeable in length and content
  • Quality and speed of graphic display can be freely chosen
  • Variation of repeat rate of hand plate information
  • Graphs which give information about inner organs
  • Body-Mind-Spirit Meter
  • Usable with the aura camera as well as with the special Winaura Video Station
  • "Holistic AuraSession" shows Reiki and many other energy techniques in realtime with 2 people (healer and patient), please start the YouTube-Video below for a demonstration:

    You can see the different color of the aura of the healer. The healer comes from the left. As soon as the healing energy is projected to the client the aura takes over this color. Look at two other video examples:

  • WinAura can also adjust the aura display to the movements of the client and is not static:

  • Good overview with many functions on screen while working with the program (Click on picture for details):

  • View the energetic status of the inner organs (Click on picture for details):

  • Print a printout of your data and pictures via your printer (click on the image to see an example):

  • You have the possibility to make aura snapshots in near photo quality and print these snap shots as text via the Internet Explorer as a web page. This web page can be easily saved with the Internet Explorer and you can load this web page with other programs for further modification (like "MSWord") (Click on picture for details):

  • The aura can be displayed with all chakras:

  • Print a short printout for the aura interpretation before and after the treatment
    (Click on pictures for details):
  • The Winaura Start Screen offers many switches to adapt the settings (Click on picture for details):


WinAura Reqirements:

1. WinAura Sensor, dongle key and software. These are included in the delivery of the Winaura package.

2. Computer: Any 300 MHz or faster Intel or AMD-based PC with WinXP, alternatively also with Windows Vista, but prefer Windows XP if possible. The PC should have at least 3 USB-ports (printer, USB dongle, connection for the handplate). Alternatively you can also use a USB-hub with more USB ports if necessary.

3. USB-to-Serial converter: If your computer does not have a serial port you need a USB-serial-converter for the connection of the handplate. We recommend USB-Serial-Converter from Sealevel SeaLINK +232 p/n: 2105. If you do not have a computer you can also order your computer with Winaura preinstalled from us. Ask for the prices.

4. Video webcam: WinAura is compatible with the most USB webcams for PCs. A black background is useful for the active aura. This means: The aura moves while the person moves. Avoid the cheapest webcams since the quality is often poor. The camera should have a resolution of 640 x 480 dots.

5. Printer: For the best results we recommend printer from Epson, Canon and HP but other printers are also acceptable. Avoid the cheapest models. The better printers have a higher Dot-Per-Inch resolution (DPI), which enhances the quality of the aura snapshots.

6. Additional equipment: It is recommendable to get further equipment like black cloth and an extra lighting. Here you find more an overview of additional equipment.

We offer the following WinAura versions:

1. WinAura light
This Winaura version is the most inexpensive version and the model for beginners. It has the following features:

  • All three display modes: Portrait, 7 chakra, full body complete aura
  • Small and large display of the aura on the computer screen
  • The aura can be frozen with CTRL key and can be calmly viewed.
  • Printouts in several languages as German, English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Japanese
  • Length of the printouts can be chosen
  • Texts are changeable
  • Meaning of the colors can be displayed as text by clicking on the color bars while working with the program.
  • Printout in color with near photo quality
  • Printout in color with near photo quality of snap shots of the aura
  • Printout in color of the Winaura program window with all indicators and the aura picture
  • Dongle key and counter with 2222 points. For each printout 2 to 3 points will be substracted. For each session start one point is needed. You need to get a new dongle after this one has been used up. By this royalty fee you will get the newest software for the machine without any costs. If there are any repairs of the hardware, you will get this also without any costs after the normal warranty time after purchase is over.

2. WinAura session pro
This Winaura version is the professional version of the Winaura video station. Features are the same as Winaura light but there are additional features included:

  • Small and large display of the aura on the computer screen
  • The visible video sequences can be recorded as an AVI-file and this can be burned on a CD.
  • Holistic Session: Herewith you can impressively demonstrate healing between healer and patient in the aura of the patient: (Start the YouTube-Video)

3. WinAura light unlimited
This Winaura version has not all the features of the professional version of Winaura pro. The features are the same as with Winaura light, the difference is:

  • There is a dongle but without a counter. The use of Winaura is independent on points, printouts and sessions. You can use this version unlimited and without any restrictions. But you have no software updates and repairs with no costs after the normal warranty time.

4. WinAura 6000
This Winaura version was especially designed for the Auracamera 6000 and enables to have a printout up to 20 pages for photos which have been taken with the aura camera 6000. This version also needs a dongle key counter like Winaura light and Winaura session pro. This version can not be used interactively at the computer screen since it is only intended for the text printout of the instant photos of the Aura Camera 6000.

  • Interpretation of the aura by text printout
  • Color display of aura colors
  • Text printouts in several languages as English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Russian, Japanese
  • Texts are changeable in length and content

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